Sabah Parks Policy

To preserve for all times areas which contain significant geographical, geological,
biological, historical features or natural features of high aesthetic value as a
national heritage for the benefit, education and enjoyment of the Malaysian
people, now and in the future.

On Recreational Facilities

The provision of urban type recreational facilities is not part of the basic purpose of Sabah Parks. Only recreational facilities in harmony with the purpose and preservation of a park may be introduced, but always so as to minimize impairment and not at all if substantial impairment is inevitable.

On Nature

Preserve the environment as a whole. Objects of nature to be preserved unimpaired and should management be required, it should be kept to the minimal.

On Research & Education

i) Scientific research where data is required for the sound management of the park is considered an integral part of the park purpose, but in no case should there be undue disturbance or harassment of rare and endangered species.

ii) A basic purpose of the Parks is to educate the public and the young in the understanding, appreciation of their Parks and the need of conservation.

On Access & Accommodation

i) To use, enjoy and benefit fully from the many park value, one must be able to get to a park and remain there for a few days.

ii) Therefore, limited and carefully chosen road access is acceptable.

iii) Accommodation facilities which are compatible to the environment may be provided.


i) Government Roads, except for the exiting ones, should not be permitted inside a park if suitable area can be found outside.

ii) Government utility installations should not be permitted in a park unless there is absolutely no suitable location elsewhere and it is of national importance and its importance out weighs the reduction in park values. For example:- The existing Penampang-Tambunan Road and the Kimanis-Keningau Road cutting across the Crocker Range Park. There are existing Tele-communication and Television towers on Mt. Kinabalu and in Crocker Range.